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The choices for the Christmas gift in many countries





The choices for the Christmas gift in many countries



The westerners will use the red, green and white three colors for their Christmas , the Christmas will come with Christmas colors to decorate the family . Red Christmas have the flowers and Christmas candle. Green color is the Christmas tree. It is the main decorations for Christmas of the evergreen tree decoration . It will Hanging above the colorful lights, gifts and paper flowers and also the Christmas candle is lit by.



Red and white set with each other should be the Santa Claus, it is the most popular figure of the Christmas activities . Before going to sleep on Christmas Eve , the Western children , putting a sock in front of the fireplace or pillow side , waiting for Santa Claus and falling asleep to put presents in the stockings. In the west, playing a cos-play of the Santa Claus is also a custom.




Christmas gift in many countries




UK : At Christmas the most pay attention in the British should be the food , food includes roast pigs, Turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas broken meat pie, etc. Every members in the family will have the gifts, even the servants does , all present will be deliver on Christmas morning . Some Christmas singers sing along the door to bringing the good news, they will be master to be invited inside the house , with refreshments, or give small gift.


The United States: because the United States is the country composed of many ethnic groups , so the celebration of Americans at Christmas will be the most complicated from all the countries, immigrants are celebrating in accordance with the customs of their country. However, in the Christmas period, the American door will hang with the wreaths and other unique arrangement is same.

France: In French all general adults on Christmas Eve, almost will come to the church to join the midnight mass. After it finished, the whole family will go to the old married brother or sister's home, reunion and have a dinner. This meeting is to discuss the big things in the family, but when meeting the people in the family that are not harmonious with each other ,it will also melt the unhappiness among them in this day and they will be friends again, so the Christmas festival in France is also a kind day.



Spain: The Spanish children will put their shoes at the door or window so they can receive the Christmas gift. In many cities, the parents will give the most beautiful gift to their children and the Cows on that day can also get a very good treatment. It is said that in the birth of Jesus, there had been a cow to him and wants to get warm from him.


Italy: Every Italian family will all put “the birth of Jesus” story model scene. On Christmas Eve, family get together to have a big dinner and go to attend Christmas mass when midnight. After that, they will go to visit relatives and friends, only children and old people can get a gift. On Christmas day, the Italians have a very good custom, the children will wrote a composition or poetry, say thank you to their upbringing of their parents in a year. Their works was hidden in a napkin, dishes below or the tablecloth before Christmas dinner, parents pretend not to have seen it. Then after having the dinner later, they then put it out and read aloud to everyone in the family.

Sweden: the Swedes are very hospitable; At Christmas, its performance will be the more obvious. Every family, no matter rich or poor, will welcome the friends, or even a stranger can also go to the family and they will have all kinds of food on the table.

Switzerland: The Santa Claus in Swiss will be wearing the white robes and with the mask put with. They will be dressed up with the poor people, troop to please the food and gifts from people. After the team, they will share the things.

Denmark: Denmark is the initial launch for the Christmas stamps and the Christmas seal, this kind of stamps is issued to raise funds for consumptive disease prevention. The Danish people send Christmas mail will all use with this kind of stamp. The people who Pick up the mail, can feel more like to see the more stuck Christmas stamps .



Chile: The ways for Chilean to celebrating Christmas day, it is that there will must be a cold drink named the monkey tail; it is composed with the coffee, milk, eggs, wine and fermentation of grape. Why do this drink called monkey tail ,no one can explain.

Norway: On Christmas Eve, the Norwegian will put their shoe together and put them in the column from big to small .And each one in family will sing his favorite Christmas song or hymns in turn .



Ireland: every family in Irish on Christmas Eve, there will be a candle or the lights in the Windows frame so to welcome the born of savior.


Scotland: The Scottish will be looking for something borrowed from others before Christmas at home; it is necessary to return back to the owner. They will send gift in the day of the first Monday of the New Year, and not in the Christmas period, the children and servants will also get a gift at Christmas.



Holland: The Christmas gift of Dutch will often be not generally expected; sometimes it will be hidden in the pudding narrow.



Germany: Every family that believes in christianism in German, will has a Christmas tree, the Christmas tree plant will be come out firstly in Germany. The Germans is skilled at making the Christmas cake.   The cakes will have a lot of style; each other are presented between the relatives and friends at Christmas.



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